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It is a large-capacity 2way backpack. It is a design that can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as using it as a shoulder tote or as a backpack.
The main body is a drawstring type, so it is easy to use if you store small belongings in the back pocket.
The theme for spring and summer 2020 is "Emergence".
The second in a trilogy that continues from the 2019 Jute series.
It expresses an innocent image in the process of being reborn from a chrysalis to a butterfly.
The material is an original material that is made by crimping aluminum foil to a hologram film.

EROS is the god of love in Greek mythology.
Pockets: 1 back, 2 interior mesh pockets

Product information

Brand: DUREN

Series: PUPA

Size: W500 H600 D120mm

Country: Made in Japan

Material: Cowhide, unspecified fiber (aluminum foil) (tricot) Back hologram/polyester Accessories: Back belt/Nume leather, Shoulder handle/Crinkle leather Zipper: Excela black matte paint

Model : DUR-ER001

Handling warning, Return/Handling warning, Return

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- Careful handling of leather -
・Nume leather is used. Due to the nature of the material, it is prone to discoloration in sunlight and stains due to rain and sweat. Please understand it as a natural texture.

・Aluminum processing is not permanent and deteriorates with use. It is very bony at first and gradually softens. The unique wrinkles will also get bigger and finer each time you use it, but the wrinkles will disappear every time you use it for two or three years.
・Discoloration, fading, hardening, and loss of shape are inevitable due to wetness and long-term use.
・When cleaning the leather part, use a leather cleaner.
When storing, please store in a dry and cool place.


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