Pillow Bag

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to have, to hold, to carry.
Not such a cold relationship I want to hug this child all the time. such a bag.
The entire bag is luxuriously made of 20mm wide low-resilience urethane foam that slowly restores its shape when deformed. It goes beyond the realm of luggage protection. You will be captivated by its addictive feel.
It is large enough to fit a 13 inch laptop. We recommend rolling it up with a band and using it like you're carrying a pillow. The product images posted on this site are samples, and some specifications may differ.

Product information

Brand: DUREN


Size: W340 H340 D40mm

Country: Made in Japan

Material: Nappa leather, 20mm low-resilience urethane foam (Kurabo)

Model : DUR-DH003

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- Careful handling of Nappa leather -
Nappa leather is a very smooth cowhide that has been tanned for its texture. I dare to dye the natural scars from my life without hiding them.

Dirt and stains adhere more easily than normal smooth leather.
If it gets dirty, it may be removed by gently rubbing it with an eraser.
Please be careful of color transfer due to rain.
If it gets wet, wipe it with a dry towel and let it dry naturally in the shade.
If you have any other problems, please contact us directly.


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