Shoulder Bag

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Made in Japan, waterproof cowhide leather is hand-painted to create original leather.
It is a design that beautifully reproduces the touch of Nicola's painting with silk screen technology. It is a shoulder bag with a feeling of size that is the most convenient to use all year round.

Product information

Brand: DUREN

Series : Nicolas Oushenir

Size: W230 H150 D55mm

Country: Made in Japan

Material: Cowhide, waterproof, hand-painted Print: Silkscreen

Model : DUR-DN006

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- Careful handling of leather -
・Color may transfer to other clothing when it gets wet due to rain or sweat, or due to friction. If it gets wet, gently press it with a soft cloth to remove moisture and dry it in the shade.

・Although it is waterproof, discoloration, fading, hardening, and loss of shape are inevitable due to water exposure and long-term use.
・When cleaning the leather part, use a leather cleaner.
When storing, please store in a dry and cool place.


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