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Handbag with traditional French hand embroidery.
With the theme of "couple", I started working on a design that would be completed by using it with my partner as a set. It is recommended not only for parties, but also for everyday outfits when you want to accent a little eros and elegance. The design emphasizes silhouette and decorativeness. Items that are often taken in and out such as mobile phones can be stored in the back pocket, and three-dimensional items such as cosmetic pouches can be stored in the main body.

Product information

Brand: DUREN

Series: French embroidery

Size: W300 H260 D140mm

Country: Made in Japan

Material: Cowhide, unspecified fiber (aluminum foil) (tricot)

Model : DUR-EM001

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Handling: All embroidery is handmade and installed one by one. We also use materials such as acrylic and PVC that tend to get caught on cotton. Depending on the frequency of use and usage, there is a risk that the decoration may come off or get caught on your clothes, so please be aware of this before using.


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